California Is Scaling New Heights

California’s aerospace industry is larger than it’s more-promoted film industry and rich agricultural heritage. The aerospace industry is comprised of companies that manufacture aircraft (both civil and military), missiles, satellites, and other space vehicles, and of companies that manufacture and distribute parts and components. Buyers of these products include the private industry, the military, and government space administrations.

The Facts:



California has the highest levels of employment and wages in the American aerospace industry.

Dollars of Revenue

The California aerospace industry produces the same amount of revenue as the combined industries of agriculture and arts and entertainment in California.

of NASA Workforce

California employs 30 percent of the NASA workforce.

California Is Advancing Global Leadership

California holds the distinction of being a global aerospace leader, with nine percent of the global space and aircraft market being generated in California. This is encouraged by an ecosystem of companies that have established a leading global position and that provide innovative opportunities for a highly skilled workforce.

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