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Advancing in Medical Breakthroughs

California boasts of four major life science mega-centers that promote cutting-edge research and innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems: the San Francisco Bay Area and the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. These centers capitalize on their access to leading research universities, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and access to capital. Because of this, California is a world leader in life science advancements.

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The Facts:



The life sciences create over 884,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs in California.

Venture Capital

Private firms in the life sciences have access to generous sums of venture funding in California.


California life science companies, currently numbering 3,040, have developed 1,269 drugs and 264 new devices. The industry produced $147 billion in revenue in 2015.

Leading in Treatments and Cures

California is on the leading edge of cancer treatments and cures. This is important, since cancer has now surpassed heart disease as the #1 cause of death in almost half of the states. The California healthcare system also leads the world in preventative medicine, working to prevent disease, disability, and death.

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Leading in Medical Talent

The excellent education network throughout the state of California contributes to more trained talent than anywhere in the world. This then contributes to California’s status of being the #1 state for employment in the life sciences.

Companies looking to start or relocate in California will have access to the talent, the resources, and the funding to be successful.

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